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Cookie policy

General information about cookies
When you access this website, our system or that of one of our partners might create cookies on the computer or device you are using to browse.

A cookie is a small text file that is memorized on the computer or device to those who visit a website for the purpose of recording some information about the visit, as well as create a system to recognize the user at a later time.

Types of cookies
Technical cookies: these are anonymous cookies used only for the purpose of keeping the site functioning correctly, for example, for managing the sessions and so the possibility for the user to login.

Profiling cookies: these memorize the preferences of the user (for example, on a product)and can be used to send advertising messages on line with the preferences and selections that emerge from the browsing history of each user.

Third-party analytic cookies: these cookies belong to third parties (so are not created by this site, but by external connected partner sites) that collect statistical information on site access.

Third party profiling cookies: these are third-party cookies (so are not created by this site, but by external connected partner sites) that memorize user preferences (for example about a product) and are used to send advertising  messages online with the preferences and selections that emerge from the browsing history of each user.

Use of the cookies on this website
Technical cookies: yes
Profiling cookies: no
Third party analytic cookis: yes
Third party profiling cookies: no
Therefore, this website does NOT directly use any profiling cookies.

Third-party cookies
This website integrates, within its own pages, third-party services that may configure and use their own cookies and/or similar technologies.
The use of these cookies and similar technologies by such companies is regulated by the informative statement, as Labrenta srl is totally foreign to the management of such instruments and to the treatment of the information deriving from these.

We hereby provide a list (not totally exhaustive) of some of the partner companies that may use cookies while you browse the website: Google Analytics.

Disabling cookies
You can configure your browser to accept or refuse all cookies or particular types of cookies (for example, third-party cookies)or you can select to be warned every time a cookie is being recorded inside your computer.
The refusal of cookies may prevent you from using the website correctly.

Below are the instruction on the most common browsers for the purpose of configuring your preferences on cookies:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. click on "Tools" in the upper part of the browser window;
2. select "Internet Options";
3. click on the "Privacy" card;
4. to enable cookies, the level of privacy must be set at "Medium" or lower; setting the Privacy level above "Medium" will disable the use of cookies

Mozilla Firefox
1. click on "Tools" in the upper part of the browser window:
2. select "Options":
3. select the "Privacy" icon; on ""Cookies"
5. select or deselect the items "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies"

Google Chrome
1. click on the menu icon;
2. select "Settings";
3. in the lower part of the page, select " Show advanced settings":
4. in the "Privacy" section, select "Content settings";
5. select or deselect the item "Prevent sites from setting data"

Apple Safari
1. click on the "Safari" label in the upper part of the browser window;
2. select the "Preferences" option;
3. click on "Privacy";
4. set your selection at "Cookies and website data